Nurse Practitioner

All Patients seen by the Nurse Practitioner (The GAp payment is between $5-15)


The Tamborine Mountain Medical Practice has been fortunate enough to be one of the first general practices in Australia to employ the services of a Nurse Practitioner. Sue Auchter is an experienced nurse who chose to build on previous tertiary education and years of experience to complete a Masters of Nurse Practitioner Studies, specialising in General Practice.

The qualification of Nurse Practitioner which she achieved in 2011 is the highest award given to nurses and enables them to act autonomously and collaboratively in an advanced and extended practice. Sue has also completed her Diploma of Child Health and Paediatrics in 2014.  Sue’s role includes assessment and management of clients using her advanced practice knowledge and skills, and within her defined scope of practice she is authorised to prescribe medications, order diagnostic tests and direct referrals to other health care professionals.


The Nurse practitioner role differs from that of doctors who have more extensive education and training pathways.  Both roles aim to deliver quality health care and the role of Nurse Practitioner offers another option to patients. 


At the Tamborine Mountain Medical Practice Sue’s role includes;

  • < >ealth concerns such as uncomplicated illnesses (e.g. coughs & colds, ear infections, urinary tract infections, diarrhoea etc), minor injuries, women’s health including Pap Smears, travel vaccination and smoking cessation.

    Shared care with the patient’s doctor, in the area of chronic health with repeat prescriptions, follow up with routine tests, and offering supportive treatment

    Some areas of health are not included in Sue’s scope of practice. Patients unsure whether an appointment with Sue is appropriate can seek advice from the receptionist or practice manager.


    Child Development and Behaviour 

    As a Nurse Practitioner, Sue has focused her studies and passion in the areas of brain development in infancy, child development and behaviour management. During her Master’s degree Sue looked at the safety and research regarding vaccines and is able to answer questions and unravel the conflicting information that surrounds vaccines.  

    Each childhood vaccination visit with Sue allows time for parents to discuss the behaviour and development of their child.   

    Sue has a range of assessment tools and experience to offer assessment regarding developmental, behavioural issues and readiness for school.


    Sue offers assistance with strategies to address any problems as well as initiating referrals as required.  Sue is also happy to liaise with the senior staff at your child care centre or the teachers at school if necessary, confidentially and with permission of the parent.

    Parents who have concerns regarding their child’s development and behaviour are encouraged to make an appointment with Sue to discuss their needs and concerns.


    Sue also offers structured programmes for parents to understand medical, development and behavioural challenges that may relate top their child’s needs. These include:

  • Understanding Eczema and management strategies

  • Constipation in early childhood

  • Asthma education and review of medications

  • Sleep and settling (newborn to 4 years)

  • Understanding Autism program

  • Speech & Language Assessment

  • Understanding the development ofspeech and language in childhood

  • Understanding tantrums and temper.Let us find solutions. (1-5yr old)

  • Ending Battles and Building Relationships (2-7yr old)

Practice Hours (By appointment only)
Monday - Thursday 8.30am - 06.15pm
Friday 8.30am - 05.00pm
Saturday 8.30am - 12.00pm
Sunday 8.30am - 10.30am
Weekend appointments at North Tamborine only